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April 15, 2010

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Flip Flops With Jeans – No Dice!!!

Seriously, men wearing flip flops with jeans has to be in the top 3 of sartorial blunders in existence!!! And even worse, it is the #1 reason why every other country (except England, who has the same problem) makes fun of the way we dress and to be honest, as proud as I am to be American, I agree with them! This look just makes no sense!! I know your argument would be that you want to be comfortable and expose air to your feet but please, who the hell cares!!! Nobody wants to constantly see your feet. If you wear shorts it is more understandable to wear flip flops but going around in your jeans, when it’s not even hot, wearing your flip flops is just UGLY!!!!! Whats even worse is the people that do this wear these baggy ass jeans that almost eat their flip flops while at the same time creating all this excess jean hanging out everywhere, getting all tore up at the bottom. Even with slim jeans they look ridiculous! Examples below:

There are SOOOO many other options that you could try to keep your feet cool. For example, you could wear espadrilles, driving mocs or shit, even sneakers without socks, just leave the flip flops for the beach or at least for when you are wearing shorts. There is nothing flattering about wearing them around town with your jeans, like I said before nobody wants to see or smell those barking dogs!! Pictures like this one below are precisely why their should be a rule against this because it’s always the people with the ugliest, dirtiest, and stinkiest feet who want to go around displaying them, where is the courtesy!!!!

Why, why, why?? I just don’t get it, it’s not fashionable, it’s not elegant, it’s not even fucking hygienic so why do so many people do it. It can’t be because it’s comfortable, flip flops have no support what-so-ever! They are like walking on a flat piece of rubber or leather, that’s not comfortable. I think I need to set some guidelines for when it is acceptable to wear flip flops with jeans.

The Only Exceptions:

1. If you live somewhere like the Dominican Republic where it is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) every single day.
2. You are at the beach with your pants rolled up because you don’t have or want to wear shorts.
3. You are a woman with nice feet
4. You have some sort of burn or pain or problem (like diabetes) on your feet that is enhanced 100 times when wearing shoes
5. Or because you are some sort of walking Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement/model that gets fucking paid to dress like a douche.

So if you do not fit these criteria, you should not be wearing jeans with flip flops and instead should try these other looks:

Two Above: Courtesy of The Sartorialist

Left Shoe: Rachel Comey Espadrilles
Right Shoe: Bally Espadrilles

Shoes By Bally

  • i couldnt agree more with you!!!i hate when i see men with jeans and flip-flops!!it looks so ridiculous!!!

  • jeune, thanks for always commenting! Yes it is very ridiculous, no creativity!

  • lmao couldn't agree more, nothings uglier than a mans crusty exposed feet it's sacrilegious!

  • Excellent post! 🙂 If every man or at least some part of them would read this post and at least would think about pedicure…So, people, lets help those men and lets make this post popular.. :)) Because first I thought about when I was reading the post was about those men I would love to send this post! Why not to send them?

  • yes, send it to them, Victoria!!!

  • Agree 100% with your point! and by the way for any kind of flip-flops, a $2 rubber ones or a more expensive leather ones…just no flip flop with long pants at all!it is as hideous in my opinion as The ugly-comfortable look (and i must say it is mostly in the USA) of jeans with running shoes….again with baggy light color jeans…common, there are so many other options for comfortable shoes that are more sophisticated to pair with long pants which some you already mentioned above…

  • It especially doesn't make sense in a metropolitan city,as at the end of the day you look like Blackfoot Indian.Not that there's anything wrong with resembling those indigenous peoples,but even they wear moccasins.Or so I've been led to believe by Hollywood…..

  • Don't come to Hawaii.

  • I agree with you 100%. Where I live, people wear them year-round. It is TERRIBLE. People wear them to school, to work, and everywhere you can think of. Most of the time their feet are completely jacked up. Whatever happened to looking classy and wearing real shoes?

  • "Whatever happened to looking classy and wearing real shoes?" -Anonymous-My thoughts exactly!!

  • If i see you here in Hawaii..i'll personally come up to you and clown you. With you wearing your "driving mocs"

  • dear anonymous, obviously you can't read!! The first rule i said was if you live in a place that is always hot than it makes sense. Second, you are probably the typical dbag that thinks he is cool wearing his jeans with flops. Third, you would only look like an idiot trying to clown on me, because I am sure that you dress like shit!

  • Jeans and flops are cool. Obsessing over your shoes and "look" is the height of dbag.

  • dear anonymous, yes obsessing over your look is dbag'ish but I never talked about that nor do i condone it. Just because I say that jeans and flips together look like crap does not mean that I obsess over my "look" or shoes or that people who agree with me do either. Quite the contrary. I am just as laid back in my look as many others, I just hate that look and find it very unappealing!! To each his own sir!

  • I personally find guys in jeans and flip flops hot! It's a very confident and sexy look!

  • RJ

    I would never wear any of the shoes mentioned in this article at risk of looking like a fag.

  • RJ – Sounds like you are a little insecure, typical douchebag quality!-Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

  • I really could care less. I hope a woman would judge me for who I am and not for what I wear!

  • MN Boy – That's the most true response yet. I can't disagree with you there. And believe me, I don't think as harsh as I sound. It's just that some people who wear this stuff, do think highly of themselves but the way you responded just shows that you are normal guy, dressing the way you like, because you like it and are not trying to follow a fad or anything of the sort. -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

  • What's the big deal? Flip flops are fine with jeans in casual situations. They're easy to put on and take off. I agree that the jeans should not be overly wide or slim, but just resting at the ankle is fine, in my opinion. I don't go around this way all the time, but sometimes I wear flips on my size 13's with jeans. My feet are taken care of and young, so not gross.

  • I've been to walmart and I can verify that there are worse looks. Way worse, so I'm going to continue wearing my frayed jeans and flip flops. Johnny P

  • Anonymous – As a shoe snob I tend to overgeneralize a bit. Granted, sometimes it does not look so bad, if one can pull it off right. But, in most cases, as I was referring to, it was a trend, a bad one that many men thought was soooo cool and I found to be atrocious. Granted, there are places in this planet where it is simply too hot to wear full on shoes sometimes, and therefore, to me, it can be acceptable to do on a daily basis. But, for me, it's not a good look for most people, especially those that don't know how to dress. If worn in a European chic way, it might be able to pass of as stylish, otherwise…..Johnny P – There are always worse looks, but those people don't try to be cool with what they wear. There was a time, where flip-flop with jeans was all the craze, especially at university, and many guys, wearing this outfit thought that they were the bee's knee's and were so stylish, yet i disagreed. That's not to say that there are many worse styles out there, but being the shoe snob, I talk about what I dislike, at this is one of them…to each his own, right?-Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

  • I think the picture you posted up of casual male are gay. And u talk shit about guys in flip flops. You should think twice before dogging on people for the way they dress and take a look at your nasty wardrobe. I think people should wear what ever the fuck they want. I promise you that if any one would come up to me in the street and laugh or judge the way i look you would get punched in the face no questions asked.

  • Anon – My nasty wardrobe? Ha! You are right though, people should dress any way they want. That does not mean that I have to like it, just as you don't like the way other people dress. And I don't care what you would do if someone questioned your wardrobe, that's your prerogative. -Justin, "The Shoe Snob"

  • Actually I think wearing flip flops with jeans is pretty sexy on guys. It shows there more laid back 😉

  • Anon – I can't argue with your opinion…to each his own right…thanks for commenting.-Justin

  • Are you gay? You look like a pretty gay boy 🙂

  • Anon – Is that the best insult you got? You need to be a bit more clever to rile me up….thanks for calling me pretty though, take that all day over ugly!-Justin

  • I am agree with your viewpoint. Wearing flip flops with shorts is absolutely fine but if we wear them with jeans it looks that we don’t have that sense of clothes.

  • antlet

    I doesn’t look that bad, but I admit I, as a male, might feel strange seeing my bare feet, peeking out of my covered legs, so usually I’d only wear shorts with sandals and jeans with shoes. Personally I feel much more comfortable or at ease with them, if I have sandals on, I’m ok with my feet, but maybe jeans would draw attention on them too much.

  • Jamboree

    I wear jeans and flip flops all the time, it’s my staple! Haters gonna hate, faggot.

    • TheShoeSnob

      that was clever smart guy

    • Bdobs

      And your staple probably gets more action then you do. Go buy some shoes!!!

  • John

    Flip Flops and Jeans are fine, with a few rolls to put them mid calf…

  • poopiered

    Can someone please tell me where to get those purple shoes or at least tell me specifically what type of shoe it is (exactly; I don’t want no boat shoe coming up)?

    • TheShoeSnob

      they are most likely Car Shoe or Tod’s

  • Dante

    Lol, the styles you’re recommending look way more dumb. At least wear short socks with shoes. The three examples of guys wearing flip flops with jeans are notably bad looking. You searched for bad examples on purpose, eh?