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April 30, 2010

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Shoe Of The Day

This shoe is possibly one of my all-time favorite shoes that I have encountered. The perfection of it is mind boggling and needless to say that this modern version of a spat inspired style is beauty at its finest! The shoe is by Laszlo Vass and I believe that this was a bespoke shoe made for a customer of his. All of the elements in this shoe came together so beautifully to make something that can be so common, stand out e.g. the slanted nose, the brogueing around the top of the vamp and the fact that the vamp is one piece without any heel counters. I could go on and on about how much I love this shoe but I will leave it to you to come up with what you may or may not like about this model.

  • holy shoot! that's a gorgeous shoe. i wish we could get some vass love in nyc. does anybody carry this brand?

  • good grief. The only thing I can speak of with any measure of certainty: I need to step my shoe game up, UP!

  • I really like the top part, is that suede?

  • The Lyle – I have not heard of anyone who carries them in the US, I could be wrong though, their site is still somewhat new and I don't think that they have added a 'stockists' link

  • Mr F.,this model is most likely a MTO commission made for Margo and Ralph. They are the only store I know of that's offering this model:

  • Ville Ravio,That's even more impressive that a shoe with such elegant curves, shape and structure, is made off of a RTW/MTO last. Thanks for the info!-Justin, "The Shoe Snob"