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May 9, 2010

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Shoe Of The Day

This is a beautiful bespoke shoe by Gaziano & Girling that literally represents quality and elegance at it’s finest. While I am quite bias towards this shoe, due to my admiration of the fleur de lys symbol, it’s beauty still remains quite evident. The shine is one of the best that I have seen. It appears to almost have a mirror like quality and while all bespoke shoes, unless otherwise specified, have a very high shine finish to them, this one in particular stands apart. The coloring is nothing short of amazing and the distinct shape and curvature of the last is also very appealing. I always admire a beautifully made shoe and this one here definitely goes down in the books as a favorite!!

  • A magnificent work of fine art by the 2 geniuses AGAIN. The unique brogue is inspiring. I wonder if shoemakers will readily accommodate infinite whims of fancy with regards to the design of the brogue, or are there certain tradition or code that artisans adhere to?

  • Love 'em! Wanna make me a pair for me?

  • Benjy – As far as I know and have seen, so long as the client is willing to pay for extra craziness, the shoemakers will adhere to his requests. Without the customers the company does not exist so it's in the shoemakers best interest to make them happy as long as it does not break any moral boundaries. I have heard of customers asking to have stuff done on their shoes that would leave you shocked and it was made for them.Rory – You know it!! Better hope Nordstrom's stock takes a big jump, then cash out!

  • I love these. The design make it a stellar choice.