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July 10, 2010

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Shoe Of The Day

First off, I just want to apologize for the long absence without a proper article but planning a wedding, getting married and taking a short honeymoon takes up much of your free time. I promise that I will post one of Tuesday! To kind of drag on this wedding shoe stuff I thought that I would post something that satisfies both the classic man who wants to wear black, shiny shoes as well as the modern man who wants to try something different. These shoes by Dimitri Bottier have the feel of what French royalty used to wear back in the 1700 or 1800’s. I love the added touch of the fabric across the vamp as well as along the edge of the mouth of the shoe. Details like this always set a shoe apart for me, taking it from average to amazing! This pair, I would have worn for my wedding!

  • Congrats on getting married!! Yet again another fabulous pair of shoes!Lady PeachxXx

  • Hey Justin, first of all CONGRATULATIONS! May you and the missus enjoy a life filled with love and bevelled waists!Secondly, are those straps across the vamp adjustable. 'Cos that would be ice-cold.

  • Pumps, usually worn with white tie or a dinner jacket. Grosgrain ribbon, normally non-adjustable.

  • Lady Peach – Thank you!!Benjy – Thank you as well. As the anonymous said above, normally the ribbon across the vamp is non-adjustable.

  • These are opera pumps (or court shoes as I like to call them). Suitable for black tie, white tie and alternative court dress. I bought a pair from Broadland Slippers (who secretly supply C&J, Cleverley, etc), MTO. The sizing is a nightmare as they fit differently to lace-up shoes. You can read about my experiences with them in my blog:

  • CH Wolfenbloode – Thanks for sharing.-Justin