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August 22, 2010

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Shoe Of The Day

I have said it twenty times before and might just say it a million times more: DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS!!! How cool are these shoes by Pierre Corthay? Laces matching the lining: Brilliant!! That is one thing that I love about French makers; they are not afraid to push the envelope and try things that you would normally not see. And because of that, the shoes they create end up being some of the most intriguing and unique shoes around. I would love to just try these things myself but have a hard time finding dress laces in bright and unique colors. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find these? I would love to get laces in every color!!

On a side note, sorry for the long wait in another full-length post. I have been on vacation for the past couple days, attending a wedding of a dear friend. I will be back on track next week. Thanks for your patience. Other good news is I received my visa to go back to Europe. This means that I will soon make another pair of shoes to share with all of you!!

  • Terrific blog and gorgeous shoes displayed. I love them all. This particular design is some unusual but looks great.Florsheim fan

  • Leffot in NYC can order them .

  • Paul Smith often includes two pair of laces: one matching the shoe and second in a contrasting color. Emling in France has several colors: I like a dark purple with black leather.

  • Braughn – Thanks for the link, I am definitely going to order some when I get back to England!

  • love the colour and its shoes lace makes an emphazise on its looks and feel

  • Funny : actually these are my shoes !(the photo was posted on DPEC and EGP).You can order some colored laces here1) http://www.crazylace.frAs these are french websites, you still have to check if they would delivery abroad.

  • Sybarite – Nice!! Good taste sir… Thanks for sharing the links to the colored laces stockists.-Justin, "The Shoe Snob"