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May 29, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Imai Hiroki Slippers

I love the internet!!! When using it, you constantly have informational gold just at the end of your fingertips, so long as you know how to capitalize on it. That being, I was able to discover this Japanese bespoke shoe maker (or more he discovered me), Imai Hiroki, who makes some of the most incredible shoes that I have ever seen and has some of the most beautiful pictures of Japan on his site.

After punching through each link on his website (which is completely in Japanese) I came across this lovely collection of amazing house slippers. In reality, there are no words to describe just how cool these are and I guess that if you are not a shoe freak — like me — you may not even understand where I am coming from, but man, do I wish that I owned one, if not 5, of these! I mean, really… often do you see the insole of a shoe (or slipper) with a hand-patina finish? My guess would be…..NEVER! And that is what is amazing about this guy and most Japanese makers for that matter. They are so insanely obsessed with shoes, that they will take every detail in the shoemaking process and either spend 3 times the amount doing it (to make sure that it is perfect) or create new, little details that you would never have thought about, such as hand-finishing the insole.

Even though I can make my own shoes, when I come across a unique maker such as this, I still say to myself, “I would want a shoe made by this guy!”

  • These are wicked! I just went through the Imai Hiroki site and everything he makes is amazing!

    Keep finding the goods Justin!

  • Matty – Gold, right! Thanks for reading and for commenting.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  • These beauties are so surreal, I feel like I’m looking at a Berluti convertible…

  • Cheeeeez, I ventured on to see more from this guy Imai, and was blown away… I mean, I make bespoke shoes myself, and these are just so precisely crafted and beautiful I’m already thinking how to get myself a pair 😀
    Really nice find Justin! I can relate myself to japanese shoemakers, coz I also tend to use alot of extra time in perfecting details on the shoes I make or the way I make them, though I wouldn’t consider myself as skilled as this Imai gentleman. Btw, as a fan of two toned shoes, please check out my latest post “Spectators”, a pair of strange winklepickers I made for myself.
    And thanks again for this great post!


  • Benjy – I know, right! I am so curious of the price tag??

    Otso – Yea, I would like a pair too, but I am sure that they will be a little bit heavy on the wallet. Your shoes were interesting, but to be honest, I am not so crazy on the pinklewinkers style, it’s a little too pointy for my taste. But I like the unique design, a different take on a spectator. Thanks for reading and for sharing.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”