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October 12, 2011

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What I Am Wearing

The weather in London has been a bit bonkers lately, going from 80F (27ish C) to about 55F (15ish C) in one day, the other week. Therefore, I had my first round of proper layering. I have always loved dressing for the autumn/winter rather than the spring/summer, as I believe that it takes much more imagination to coordinate multiple garments, rather than just your shirt/tie combo in the warmer weather. And the absolute best is when it’s quite cold out but the sun is still shining. That way, you can still wear your suede shoes and not have to worry about ruining them. It turns out that while the weather dropped significantly in these days, the sun stayed in the sky, so I managed to incorporate them (my suedes) into this outfit, as they best suit my sport coat.

Here’s to the layering!!!

Shoes: Model 702 by Stefano Bemer
Sport Coat: Zara
V-neck sweater (jumper): Primark
Dress Shirt: Primark
Tie: Gieves & Hawkes
Trousers: H&M

  • Jen

    Handsome 🙂

  • Anonymous

    wow, looking like a million bucks! Nobody could tell from the photos that you wear zara and h&m. The shoes are gorgeous as always


  • Great looking DB …. Great ensemble… Kudos

  • TNN

    Nice outfit, but you should find a tailor who can do chain stitches when hemming your jeans.

    Great blog – keep it up!

  • Jen – Thanks! I hope that you are well and that we can reconnect some time in the future.

    Valeriu – Thank you sir!

    Vladimir – Appreciate it.

    TNN – I will look into that, my wife actually did those trousers, but with a pretty crappy household machine. If we had an industrial one, it would be better. Glad that you enjoy the blog, thanks!


  • if you dont mind me saying the jacket is too short for you and the v neck doesnt work under it. I’d make sure that when you buy a jjacket it passes the buttocks by a third or half an index finger, instead of jeans get a nice well fitted pair of light grey flannels

  • Superchick – I never mind an anyone’s opinion, as they are strictly someone else’s preference, but I don’t always agree with them. I am not a tall guy, and would look stupid in a long jacket…and they are not jeans, they are cotton trousers…thanks for your opinion though.