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November 4, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – Septieme Largeur

Among every other model of shoe, the Adelaide is definitely one my top favorites. Almost a whole cut, but not quite, it allows for the wearer to play with coloring, as you will find that the top piece on the facing is usually made up of something that contrasts, weather it be the color or the material. This pair here by Septieme Largeur, is an example of the MTO patina service that they offer, allowing for customers to customize their shoes. Not a very daring color contrast presented here, but an elegant and complimentary one nonetheless. It’s always a pleasure to see what the customers of SL have been ordering, as they seem to be a daring bunch that love to own multi-colored shoes, much like I do. While I still never see people wearing them, it’s at least nice enough to know that they are buying them. If you ever end up getting a pair from this company in contrasting colors, please send me a pic so that I can see what you have come up with.

Enjoy the weekend,

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  • Anonymous

    Justin –

    Loved the shine you put on my Cleverleys this week I was preeminently well shod at my formal dinner.

    Cheers, georgeH

  • George – Glad to help out my friend. I will put those Cleverleys up on the blog some time soon, as they are a beautiful pair!

    Until next time,


  • OwenB

    Hi Justin

    I fancy getting a pair of these in a rich brown with a navy blue eyelet section.
    Do you think this shoe would go with a blue suit?


  • OwenB – Definitely!!

    Would be curious to see them if you do pull the trigger…