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February 22, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Don Ville Belgian Loafers

I have always been very intrigued by the Belgian loafer, yet have never really come across them in real life, only in pictures. And while that relationship remains the same, I have found a few that I absolutely love and will most likely look to commission in the near future when I can accumulate some disposable income. These models presented are by American bespoke/MTO shoemaker, Don Ville. While I really really like the one below with orange piping, I have to admit that it was the Prince of Wales fabric one that truly grabbed my attention and made me want to get a pair. As most of you know, my obsession with using suit fabrics on shoes, has yet to diminish and I think that this smart/casual loafer is the perfect option to accommodate such material. While both of these models are spoken for (and thus not readily available to the public), I do believe that anyone can commission what he/she pleases (immediately in the leather option) so long as it is available, but must supply his/her own fabric should they choose to go that route…. Enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Justin, if you like this style and are looking for RTW ones, have a look at Rubinacci, who has a whole range of those in fabric and leather at:

  • Anonymous

    Hi Justin
    You should go down to Belgravia where the interiors store Nicholas Haslam (on Ebury Street) has lots of Belgian shoes. According to their website they have exclusive distribution in UK and Europe. Their shop is where I first came across them.

    Of course Bernie Madoff was a noted Belgian shoes customer – he owned over 100 pairs which were auctioned off once he was jailed.

  • Anon 1&2 – Thank you so much for the extra info. Always knew about the Rubinacci ones but never knew that they sold online. Will also have to check out that store in Belgravia!


  • OwenB

    Love the POW ones, and the similar pair in grey on the Rubinnacci site.
    I’m currently looking into these but am unable to decide if I’d rather go for house shoes or slippers!
    Life is full of tough decisions!!!!

  • OwenB – I would go for the Belgians, they are much more unique!


  • FRN

    Those shoes are mine. I had Raoul do them before he opened his be-spoke shop. I also allowed him to keep them in the window for almost a year; even though it was killing me not to be able to wear them. I have since ordered two more pair. Black and aubergine. And cognac and walnut.

    • TheShoeSnob

      thanks for sharing. They are a lovely pair! I am jealous of you for having them 😉

      • TheShoeSnob

        oh yes, and please feel free to send me the pictures of the others…