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June 4, 2012

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The Beauty of a Custom Patina

It’s my last day in Seattle and therefore I am trying to use my limited time to spend with all of my friends and family, which ultimately meanss that I don’t have a lot of time for the blog today. I will do my best tomorrow to have a long post up, but there will not be any guarantees. In the meanwhile, I will leave you with a pair of J.M. Westons’ that Paulus Bolten put his magic tough to, creating a beautiful piece of art with this purple patina. While there is much to say on the subject, I think that the picture speaks for itself. No matter where you are in the world, you can take advantage of Paulus’ abilities, by sending off your shoes to Paris, and having them sent back! It’s worth the price and doesn’t take long at all…..

  • I like the stroke – it makes it almost look like a painting.

  • Thanks Justin…
    You’re the best! and your blog is FA-BU-LOUS!!!

  • There is precious the work of this craftsman, I already knew his web page. I expect to be able some day move for Paris for to learn with his formation.
    Thank you Justin.


  • Sven – I agree like it’s not even leather…

    Paulus – No worries Paulus, glad to spread your beautiful work

    AntonioG – You should visit him, he is very nice and welcoming. Glad that you enjoyed it.


  • Mike Z.

    Hello Justin I have just come from Svens site (who coincidentally commented above) “Gentlemen’s Gazette” in which he also showed a pair of shoes that had a gorgeous patina(see: and the following comment thread). He mentioned that he was able to achieve this using a little bleach/alcohol. I was wondering that since you have some experience in shoe making that you may be able to give a detailed discussion on how to achieve that scratchy candy apple patina that Sven was able to achieve.

  • Gentleman90

    I SERIOUSLY Like this Stunning Work of ART,the Different Shades of Purple in the Patina are EXQUISITE…….Mr.Paulus Bolten is a Master Artisan…….thank you for sharing this Epic photo Justin………..

  • Mike Z. –

    But in reality, i am no pro, as shoemaking and doing patina work are two completely different things… this I just did on common sense. But it takes a lot of practice to become a true patina artist, something I am not…

    Gentleman90 – He is indeed. Glad that you enjoyed the article!