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October 17, 2012

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J.FitzPatrick Footwear Update

Ladies & Gentleman,

The time is almost near for the long anticipated launch of my footwear collection, J.FitzPatrick. Here you can see about two thirds of my collection and get a true idea of how it is going to look. While these are nearly all 100% done, there will still be a few minor detail changes to one or two patterns. It has been officially confirmed that I will be launching my range at Gieves & Hawkes in February of 2013, not only in the No.1 Savile Row location, but also selling online for all of you that cannot make it to London. As always I do appreciate all of you that have supporting me from the very beginning and for all of the new support and encouragement that I receive on a weekly basis. While this might seem cheesy and overly heartfelt, please know that it is your support that helps drive me, especially during times where I felt that my shoes would never be ready… thank you!!!

I hope that many of you enjoy what you see thus far…..and just to let you know, I will have mid-brown shoes….and the fringes (kilty’s) on the chukka boots are detachable!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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  • Anonymous

    Really want to get my hands on the black semi-brogue oxfords in the second pic from the top!

  • Mikhael

    Blue monks and green ones are very beautiful

    Good luck !

  • Moi

    Justin, awesome collection, I particularly like the brown suede chukka with the fringes.

    Best of luck!

  • Amazing work Justin.
    I wish you the best of luck, although lookin at your collection, I can’t imagine you will need any!!

  • Anonymous

    THis is so Fab. I whant to say thaks for letting ud in to your journey, I for one is happy with your online service.

  • Anonymous

    nice work justin! looks fantastic! when you say that you will be selling online does that mean that they will be sold thourgh G&H online site as well or that you will have your own website selling them?

    any idea of pricing justin?


  • ramsay

    Mr. Shoe God….I second the comment from “Moi”….I NEED THEM! Tremendous work!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous! Congratulations! You are probably going to take some money from me …

  • Adam

    I agree with the first comment about the semi brogues. And as i have said before the tan cap in the corner of the first picture are fantastic

  • Anonymous


    How much are those balmoral boots going to retail for?

  • Laurence

    Best of luck with it all Justin.

  • Congratulations and wonderful designs. Can you share some manufacturing details – goodyear welted? made in Northampton or elsewhere? and perhaps an idea of price range generally, even though I recognize that final price will be determined by G&H. Thanks.

  • The shoes look fantastic. I live in the US but will be in London in March sometime. It would be a fun day to stop by Gieves & Hawke to say hello and maybe buy a pair.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, definitely going to try and get a pair or two. What leather do you use?

  • Matt


    I’ve made a diary note already, they all look great, in particular the suede loafers.

    I guess I’ll start saving now.


  • Adrian

    I could see myself easily getting a wholecut oxford or loafer, your saddle brogue, a penny loafer, a chukka boot or the suede topped monk… I can’t afford every single one of those, and now you’re making me choose?

    I almost wish your line was smaller!

  • Ike


    I tip my hat. these shoes are awesome. Are they all welted? When you’ll provide us with pricing. I hope you aren’t planning G&G, or St. Crispin’s. I’m glad I’m one of your followers.

  • paul van der hart

    Hi Justin,

    A collection to be truly proud of! I particularly like the blue suede monks, a very clever variation on a all too well known theme.

    And although I have a particular dislike for whole cuts, I really like what you have done with yours. I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of those.

    Like it was said here before, I would wish you luck with your whole enterprise, but I think luck doesn’t enter into the thing with a collection like this!


  • Anon1 – Glad to hear it!! It’s one of my classic models!

    Mikhael – Thank you sir! Love your taste!

    Moi – I appreciate that Duncan!

    Owen B – Thank you sir, especially for all your support and loyalty!

    Soren – It was my pleasure to share it with all of you….I am happy to hear that you have enjoyed following it!

    Andy – At first I will be selling on G&H’s website, for the first year, but I will definitely be looking to create my own website….but that comes with a warehouse to hold the stock….

    Prices will be around 300-350….nothing concrete yet though….still need to get my cost sheet before I create my retail price list….will know better next week…but around those prices…

    Ramsay – Thanks Ramsay!!

    Anon2 – Glad to hear that you like them and look to make purchases!!

    Adam – Thank you Adam, glad to hear that you like a few!

    Anon3 – Most likely around 350…

    Laurence – Thank you sir!

    Eugene Freedman – Made in Spain, Goodyear welted, French Calfskin from Annonay and Du Puy, suede from England… rough retail price estimate (decided by me, as i will own the stock) 300-350

    Unknown – Thank you sir. Please do stop by and say hi and see them in person!!

    Anon4 – see comment above (2 above). I appreciate the support, and hope that you do 🙂

    Matt – Thank you sir!! Glad to hear that you fancy a few 🙂

    Adrian – yea, I am picking a few for myself too to wear for representation and I am finding it a bit hard to decided as well….

    Really happy to hear that you like them though!

    Ike – All welted sir, and no, I will be more closer to C&J’s price range….maybe in the future I will make a line like G&G…. Glad to hear that you like them. Thanks for constant support and loyalty!


  • Paul Van Der Hart – Sorry Paul, I just realized that I overlooked your comment the last time that I replied. Firstly, thank you for your kind words and your constant support. Glad to hear that you like a few of them, hopefully we can get a few on your feet 😉