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December 28, 2012

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King Of The Spectator – Barbanera

There is a new Italian shoe company, Barbanera (which means ‘black beard’), that has popped onto the scene (end of 2011) and seems to be making some headway with their lovely rendition of a spectator (co-respondent). Done on a U-cap and in the form of an adelaide, I must say that I find their version to be quite appealing and desirable. According to the owner of the company, they are using mainly goodyear welted construction and top quality leathers, and have already been gaining interest from customers that also wear the likes of EG, John Lobb and among the others. Sounds promising doesn’t it?! And funny enough, one of the owners used to be a musician before branching out and starting his own shoe line. Well….where there is a will, there is a way. And I must say that from the pictures, they seem to be something that deserves respect…..It’s amazing but the more that I receive emails from companies that are new and producing good shoes, the more that I believe that this era of cheap shit product is coming to an end, and that more and more men are starting to understand what makes a good shoe and thus desire it, which means that if a company does not make it, they will be on the way out. It’s a good feeling and I only look forward to learning about more and more new companies following in the path of well made product….

P.S. If I knew the prices, I would write them….

  • Alex B

    Now that’s a rarity: a whole load of different colours and textures, and I like every one of them.

    Yes please.

  • Alex B – yes, it definitely sparked my interest too!! But I just want the top one with the rubber sole…I would get a lot of mileage out of that!


  • marcus

    Hi justin, read from this site that prices are about 350 euros to start off not sure how accurate that is though.

  • Marcus – Cheers my friend…it’s very accurate as the owner confirmed it after the post was written…

    thanks again!


  • I visited their Milan showroom/studio/office over the weekend and picked up a pair of suede semi-brogues for 350 euros including delivery to the UK.

    I’ve got to say… if they turn out as good as they looked there, I will be back for more!

  • Obnoxious dude

    I hate this new thing with the half wing tip, really not aesthetic at all. It is my only critic, otherwise they look quite nice.

    • TheShoeSnob

      it’s that that new to be honest, it’s called a U-cap, but yes it has taken on in recent time with more and more makers using it for their shoes….