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March 1, 2013

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Meermin Mallorca Greatness!!!

Dear Readers,

So, today is another day that I simply don’t have the capacity to think of witty or intelligent things to say, nor do I really have the time, so as always to make up for my lack of attention to the writing content, I am leaving you with some MTO greatness done by Meermin Mallorca…..the depth of their abilities as you will see in these pictures is quite astonishing….simply lovely are all of these models!!

Thanks for your understand and I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  • Anonymous

    I seem to remember reading that those pony-hair and midnight blue beauties were actually lost by Fed-ex. The poor soul who commissioned those has literally no more evidence of their existence than any reader of this blog.

  • Alex B

    There are some really nice ideas there – personally I don’t like that side lacing thing, but the crazy horse and suede would make an awesome balmoral-monk. This thread has altogether too much temptation. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    it seems to me that meermin are specializing in ’emulating’ other brands’ iconic models- in this case i see EG Oundle and Dover lookalikes. In any case it can be argued that the big boys themselves copied, etc. I guess the bottom line is whether or not these ‘replicas’ hold on with usage. If they do then power to meermin

  • Anonymous

    Hi I just check the Meermin Mallorca web site, off course there you can see only the standard basic models, but price looking almost incredible. hand welted shoes at 260 euro? is this possible? I f yes I make I make mistakes all my life!

  • These shoes from the MTO service are beautiful, but for that price I would prefer to buy some C&J… It’s better loosing personalization and gaining quality.

  • Anon – that’s too bad…surely they must have re-made them for him…

    Alex B – indeed….they do make some lovely MTO’s….sometimes I wished that I owned a factory just to see what craziness that I could come up with…but factories are simply headaches…owning them that is…and dealing with them for that matter!!

    Anon2 – I see what you are saying, but it’s hard to say that they took the oundle…there are only so many ways to design a single monk like that…the toe is different and there is a medallion….a lot of what we see today was then taken from the makers of yesteryear that no longer exist, like you said…its a fine line being a newcomer and making things that are classically elegant yet different to what already exists… even a lot of my line has been influenced by other’s with details that are similar…but I did do my best to still differentiate…

    Anon3 – yes it’s possible because they are welted in China…and finished in Spain

    Consultant – have you owned Meermin? The quality from C&J is not much different IMHO…


  • I have 2 pairs. One from the asic line and other from the Maestro one. I have no shoes from the MTO service, but I know they’re based on the Maestro line and the prices start 100 above. I feel them too much hard, at least the hiro last, don’t you think?

  • sorry, correction. it’s the new rey last which I think makes the shoe too much stiff.

  • Consultant – I have the New Ray last and find them just fine…I have never personally owned a C&J, but have dealt with many and tried them on too, and they felt just as stiff if not more than the Meermin’s…but everyones’ feet are different…