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April 18, 2013

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Meermin Navy Suede Monks

Dear Readers,

Sorry that I have missed out two days on the posting but I forgot to tell you on Monday that I was heading to my factory the next day, which is why I have not been able to write anything, especially as I can´t figure out how to load images on my tablet (friggin technology!!). That being, I have managed to sneek away 10 minutes in order to share some lovely shoes with you, these navy suede beauties by Meermin Mallorca. I have always loved the idea of a contrast sole, and fight the urge to do it on my RTW shoes, as it is something that probably would not appeal to the masses but only a few crazies like myself. While I might have thought to do a dark brown (as opposed to black) edge on the sole, I like how Meermin chose to even go lighter and put this reddish brown shade that just gives it that much more contrasting edge about it. A beautiful option that I could see myself living in, particularly as I believe that they would pair marvelously with a nice pair of jeans, my go-to style of trouser!

As per my time here at the factory, well I have finalized my chisel toe last (to be seen A/W 2013) and am getting a few new tassel loafers in for the summer season (if it actually ever comes!!). I have also started working on my ‘soft’ chisel last that will pair nicely with another new loafer that I am designing…. Exciting and unique things to come in the J.FitzPatrick world, so be on the look out…. On that note, I have decided to dedicate a new site to my line (a Tumblr one) so that I don´t have to plague The Shoe Snob as much for all of you not interested….so also be on the look out for that, coming soon….

See you tomorrow!!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  • John B

    Any comments on their quality? I’ve read your previous review, but those monks were from their Linea Maestro line!

    Any other differences, apart from being machine welted (as opposed to Hand welted Maestros)? Because 160 euros is a steal if their quality is good!

    • sorry, i cannot make any, but have heard others saying that they are good…in reality, I think a goodyear welted shoe for €160 is a steal in itself….

  • Matt

    My thoughts echo what John B said. I’ve been wondering if anyone had thoughts/experience on shoe size with meermin shoes?

    I think i might take a gamble.

  • Andrew

    John B, I got their Classic Line chukka boots and have to tell you the quality is there! Of course finishing is not so careful as on my C&J Handgrade shoes but it is pretty nice, there is no noticable flaws. Belts are nice too.
    I have one pair of Septieme Largeur I bought on sale and Meermin wins hands down in terms of attention to detail.

    These monks are amazing, get them if you like. I will order them too. I don’t like majority of their calf designs but new suede ones are simply outstanding! Look at this (Linea Maestro; can order by e-mail):

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else had issues with their customer service? I ordered two pairs almost a month ago, and would order a third but I heard very little from them.

    • Andrew

      Just send them more e-mails. If Sandro doesn’t reply, write to Luisa and vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    it took four months to receive an order. while I am pleased to finally receive that order, it was ridiculous. But I will take the plunge again as I like the navy suede and pebble double monk. Just keep on them.