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June 7, 2013

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Slick Suits with Deco Boots

Don’t have a lot of time today to ramble on, but thought that you all would appreciate seeing my new Gaziano & Girling Deco ‘Fairbank’ Beatle boot! While you normally get the Deco shoes with a bleached toe (done by reverse patina), I decided to give it my own touch of snobbery by adding some red polish to the toe and heels and setting it apart from the rest. A bit rock & roll if I must say, but hey, when you have too many shoes you have to start making unique things or you simply end up creating redundancy….. While I decided to throw them on with a suit on this particular occasion, I think that for future purposes, they will go better with some nice tapered jeans…Comfy as all heck though!!

  • Georg

    I like the idea of adding color to a great but somewhat “boring” black shoe, but they look more brownish than red and I think they could be more flashy.
    How about more red, orange or even teal?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Justin,
    These G&G boots are for real dandies, while allowing a personal touch indeed.

  • Alex B

    I have developed a deep dislike of the Deco last because it’s simply too elongated and narrow for a normal human. I see so many pictures of men wearing G&G shoes (and others, to be fair – Corthay is one that springs to mind, Meermin’s Linea Maestro “New Rey” last another), that simply don’t fit. The problem is they then size up and have this winkle-picking toes that break in the wrong place and look ridiculous. Which is a shame when they cost eight hundred quid.

    But in your case, I am happy to see an exception: your weirdly thin elf feet are just right for this last, meaning you can wear a “Deco” shoe that’s actually your size, and the style works. G&G really do make such beautiful things. It’s a shame only a goblin like you can wear them to good effect. But you really do; they look magnificent. 🙂

    • it is a bit pointy, you are right…luckily for me I have thin feet and thin legs, so I can just barely get away with it…but even I was having a hard time making these look “normal”…..but thanks for the kind words my friend!

  • ramsay

    Hello Justin,

    The unique personal touch is appreciated by us shoe enthusiasts out here. I must say, I am quite jealous!!! Thanks again for sharing!