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July 17, 2013

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The Shoe Snob Jr Has Arrived (plus some shoes!)

Well my friends, the reason that I have had a long absence is due the fact that on Monday morning yours truly become a father to his first born child, little Mr. Shoe Snob Jr. As you can see he already has a pair of darby cap toes, with a nice heel counter and funky looking facing! On a serious note though, fatherhood is a true blessing and I am so glad to be finally experiencing it as there is nothing else better in the world. The only problem is that now I fear that my workload just became 10 times more severe (in a good way of course). That being, as I have been backed up in writing, you can imagine that I am now backed up in emails in and responding to comments. So please bare with me as I try to make sure that my little boy has a smooth transition into the world, while at the same time as playing catch up to all of you….

Thanks as always for all the support and enjoy the pictures below….


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

G&G Wigmore with double sole and hatch grain top bit (MTO)

Patina courtesy of Mr. Paulus Bolten!

Edward Green courtesy of An Uptown Dandy

An amazing green cordovan courtesy of Meermin

Lovely Saint Crispin loafer courtesy of Rugged Old Salt

  • Jack D


  • Anonymous

    Congrats and a lot patience my friend, u gonna need it ! God bless ue family!

  • Congratulations to mother, baby and, last not least, the father.

  • He Justiniano

    Yo no se cómo expresarte esto en tu idioma, por eso lo hago en castellano .
    Mi más sincera enhorabuena, yo también soy padre y se que ahora estarás en una nube . Paciencia pues hasta los niños más buenos lloran, todo merece la pena.
    Un fuerte abrazo para ese padre


    • Hi Justin,
      I’ve always been a loyal follower of your blog, but this is the first time I comment! 😉
      My congrats for this wonderful happening!
      Ps.: If you don’t know spanish, here you are my fast translation of the comment over here:

      “I don’t know how to say this in your language, so I do it in Spanish. My most sincere congratulations, I am father to and I know you will be in a cloud (I suppose it means “you will have lot to do”, or similar). Be patient, also the calmest babies cry, but it is all worth.
      A big hug for this father

      Sorry for my English, I’m sure there are some (many!) mistakes!

    • Antonio – Muchas gracias amigo. Lo aprecio mucho! Es la cosa man bonita en todo el mundo.

      Hermes – thanks for the translation my friend, I appreciate it, as well as being a long term loyal follower and the kind words!

  • Georg

    Spend as much time with your child as you can. Time flies by like nothing else. You blink once and they can crawl, twice and they walk.
    Take pictures, film if you can. Those will be some memories!
    Oh and don’t fear the sleepless nights, don’t dispair during the toothing periods, prepare your own baby food, ask your parents for advice and make more shoe snobs and enjoy the parenthood!

    All the best to you three

    • thanks for the words of wisdom Georg!! Have already taken like a 100 pics and he is only 6 days old!! I appreciate the kind words!

  • Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    Evening Justin,

    Congratulations with your new born kid, wish you and your little family all the best.

    Best regards

    Richard De Nederburg

  • Anonymous

    Huge congrats Justin!


  • Anonymous

    Many Congratulations Justin.

    Peter (from Oz).

  • Laurence

    Congratulations !

    Thought that might be the case after you mentioned the impending arrival a few days ago.

    As someone else said, take lots of photos and videos. Time flies, and soon it’ll all be a blur.
    Seems like only the other day that my youngest was born, but she’s starting school in September.

    Maybe put away the suede shoes for a few months too, and wear one of your shoe polishing aprons when changing nappies. Accidents can happen.

    Best of luck to you, mother, and baby.

    • thanks for all of the words of wisdom Laurence!! Luckily my boy has not yet bit a big spewer, but I am sure that will change fast!! I appreciate the support!

  • Congratulations, sir!!

  • Anonymous



  • Congratulations Mate! And all the best with you shoe Empire

  • paulvdhart

    Congratulations, Justin! And many congrats to Mrs. Shoe Snob too! Enjoy your happiness to the full!

  • Congratulations, Justin!!

  • Congratulations Justin. All best wishes to the shoe dynasty

  • claude t whalen, sr.

    Congratulations and prepare for a totally different world. Your life/marriage/outlook on life/time constraints will all change. If your child is healthy, you should experience great joy as he grows. My only son is autistic and even when I felt life is unfair, I could see some of his worse off classmates and realize life is really not that bad.

    My son changed my life (actually for the better) and I hope your son inspires you too.


    • Thanks for sharing Claude, as well as for your words of wisdom and kindness. I do appreciate it and wish you too, nothing but the best for you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on the birth of your son and you are correct the workload has seriously increased.
    Yours in cordovan, Jeff

  • Anonymous

    That’s fantastic news. Congratulations Jason.

    – Julian

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations and a big hug. I wish you all a wonderful future full of health, happiness and many, many shoes.

  • Anonymous


  • joseph

    wow may God richly bless you and yours and the beautiful new addition to your family dear sir

    • TheShoeSnob

      Thanks Joseph, I really appreciate that!