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July 1, 2013

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What a Bit of Polish Can Do

While there is a limit to what polish can do in terms of extreme renovation, you would be pleasantly surprised to the extent of what it can do when used thoroughly on a good leather. The other week, I was brought a pair of shoes that needed more than just a little bit of love. I almost felt that my polish was not going to be enough to really turn the shoes around, but luckily even I was pleasantly surprised when I used my new The Shoe Snob cream polish, that I have finally sourced for use within my shine stand as well as to supply all of you with. Before that I was simply using Kiwi as the product for the color rejuvenation stage and let’s just say that while it did the trick, it did not do it to the capabilities that I was looking for. That being, for the second round of the shine process, the color rejuvenation stage, I have finally found a cream polish that truly gives back color to a leather that has lost most of it’s pigment (as you can see by the transformation presented here). You would be amazed at what good polish can do on a good leather, so next time you are looking at your shoes and think that they need to be thrown in the garbage, you just might want to think again, because if a good shine job won’t do the trick, then a good patina job will!

Patina Job done by the legendary Alexander Nuralaeff of Dandy Shoe Care

  • Thank you.
    I remind all readers of this blog that the doors of the laboratory Dandy Shoe Care are always open for ever!
    Best regards.

  • This is miraculous! How do you remove those creases in the first pair?

  • Anonymous

    Justin – Is it worth getting this done on “tired” looking leather shoes that are under 100 or does such treatment only truly work well on the more expensive shoes?

  • Now I’m confused. I have all shoe snob wax polish. When to use it and when to use the cream polish? great post, btw! thanks,

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting example of what you can do with shoes in very bad shape and also one possible answer to my question once, if shoes have to die. My question here is: could you do a similar miracle with suede shoes? I guess, when once in bad shape, they are not to get back to an attractive look. Am I right or am I wrong??? That would mean, that suede shoes age worse then shiny leather shoes.

  • ToL

    Nice resurrection! Though it’s better not to let shoes become in such a bad shape by normal maintenance, I think.
    Continuing with suede I wand to ask whether it’s possible to remove white marks that appear on creasing even on new suede shoes? In my case they always appear on one shoe but not on the other so it looks not very good and I have no idea what to do with it.
    Thank you.