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July 25, 2013

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What I am Working On

I am a bit busy here in Spain so can’t really write much but just thought that I would share with you what I am working on while here. Not everything you see in this post will be available right away, but some of them will be coming this winter, like the new suedes!! Hope that you all enjoy what you see….great things coming soon!!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  • Anonymous

    uuuuhhhh… the suede boots are pretty amazing…

  • Leon

    Hey Justin,
    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I must confess,its simply amazing…keep up the good work.
    The problem however,is finding these shoes here in Nigeria…I’ve a pair of brown brogues and really need to get more especially the new suedes on this post.
    Please how do I go about that?

  • Jack D

    I love that blue suede lace up!

  • Love the boots!

  • Anonymous

    They look gorgeous. I hope you will make size UK6, I am desiring to possess one pair of your shoes!

  • The Blue/Green Brogue Spectator are fantastic. I loving. 😉

  • Hi Justin the green and blue specstator are definitely my taste love that great work

  • Andrew

    Hi Justin,

    These blue suede shoes on the first photo are great! I love them as well as plain toe loafers from your first collection. And you know, I’d really appreciate some crazy cool suede like purple, burgundy or green (or maybe nubuck).

    Who makes the suede for your shoes?



    • TheShoeSnob

      Thanks for the kind words Andrew!! Working on getting more interesting color suedes, like green and burgundy! Don’t know the supplier’s name but I know they come from England….