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November 1, 2013

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Ed Et Al Revamp Round 2


As most of you know, I am always quite pleased to see shoes that have been made with some sort of  with fabric/cloth integrated into their upper. This one by Ed Et Al in particular is quite unique as the fabric looks like the weight of a suit cloth, not your typical heavy weight flannel type that is normally used for shoemaking. The pattern is also quite interesting as it is pairing an extended adelaide facing onto a longwing cap, all put onto a slim looking last. Not to mention that it is an oxford as opposed to the darby style that you find most longwings on… I like that about Ed Et Al. They are quite good at taking relatively conservative ideas and harmonizing them with the most subtle modern twist like the shape of an adelaide/cap etc, a unique stitch line or the likes. Forward thinking at it’s finest! They have currently revamped the collection once more, updated the website and added some new models, all the while keeping their RTW pricing at a whopping £150/€180/$240. It’s quite amazing really just how low they cost for what you are getting back. So if you have yet to try one out, it might be worth doing so soon, before they wise up and start charging what they theoretically could for a product of their caliber!


  • PaulvdHart

    My first thought when I started to read was ‘yeah, right…. ‘. Then you mentioned the price, and you really surprised me there. Next pair I need, I’ll start looking there! (After I’ve looked at yours, of course…)

    • TheShoeSnob

      yes, after mine of course! ;-)….don’t worry I don’t mind sharing the love…one day I am sure that you will try mine, whether it’s tomorrow or 10 years from now…I have patience!

  • It’s a shame that they’re just 15mins away from my office and I haven’t had the chance to check them out. Can’t wait to get a pair!

    • TheShoeSnob

      soon enough my friend…you just have to make a point of doing it!

  • TC

    Don’t see them on the web site. 🙁

    • TheShoeSnob

      this is not RTW…it’s MTO

      • TC

        Thanks for the additional info.

  • SW

    I don’t see them on the website either.

    • TheShoeSnob

      see below

  • TheShoeSnob

    yea, don’t know much about that…wish I could divulge more on the hidden costs..

  • Max

    How would you go about polishing shoes like these? Have been wanting a pair of two tone oxfords (leather and suede) but I am too afraid that when polishing them I will stain the suede parts. Are there any secret tricks to caring for shoes like this or just doubling the time you put in by being extremely careful (and steady on the hand)?

    • TheShoeSnob

      you simply have to be attentive and thus careful…there is no special way really…