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June 26, 2014

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Magnanni at Pitti Uomo 86



Dear Readers,

I am a bit backed up today so don’t really have time to write. Therefore, I will leave you with some of the Magnanni shoes that I saw while I was at PItti. While I am not crazy about the bologna/fine blake construction that Magnanni does, I have always appreciated the design of their shoes. Here are some of the ones that I really liked.

See you tomorrow for more on Pitti Uomo 86


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Magnanni Pitti Uomo 86 Magnanni Pitti Uomo 86 Magnanni Pitti Uomo 86 Magnanni Pitti Uomo 86 Magnanni Pitti Uomo 86 Magnanni Pitti Uomo 86 Magnanni Pitti Uomo 86 Magnanni Pitti Uomo 86

  • Brad

    Hey magnanni !! I have several pairs of the shoes shown in these pictures. It’s not often justin talks about magnanni. While I agree their construction isn’t the greatest. I admire a lot of their design and for the dollar are a great option, in my opinion, for that specific sleek look I go for when shopping for shoes. Most of them I have picked up usually run around 200$-300$.. I have seen several for upwards of 450$.. But at that price I would just go buy some meermin. Thanks for this Justin !

    • Ryan

      I picked up two pairs in the states its one of my favorite shoes i own love there styles!!!

      • Brad

        I do too ryan, I probably have 7-8 pairs total. I know what I am getting when I buy them, they look it alien made (they are Spanish) and they aren’t going to bankrupt me. when I splurge I do go for meermin or carmina, and one of these days I’m going to buy a NEW pair of G&G, and I would like to try a pair of Justin’s shoes on before buying them, I have an oddly shaped foot so se shoes do fit me poorly. I’m one of those guys who probably has 40-50 pairs of shoes I legitimately wear as much as possible I like the choices and variety. I value that more than I value having say, 10 pairs and being stuck with those. 10. .. Spending 450 a pop just slips a bit too far out of budget.

        • Ryan

          If you buy them go to nordstrom they have the best selection of them and they go on sale in the summer

    • TheShoeSnob

      my pleasure Brad. Some of these were to handsome to not feature, even if I would rather invest my money elsewhere

  • Geo

    For a little more than 450$ , instead of Meermin I would just go buy Fitzpatrick 🙂

    • TheShoeSnob

      amen! 😉

  • TheShoeSnob

    yes, magnanni will run bigger. So if you are us10 in Ferragamo, most likely you would be us9.5 in Magnanni