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October 24, 2014

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Cloth Used in Shoes by Herring


Using cloth in shoes is getting bigger and bigger these days and I personally, as always, am quite happy to see it. This pair, by Herring, worn by my good friend, Gui Bo (of Men Need More Style), is a perfect example of a brilliant execution. I have been so inspired these days that I have decided to do my own version too! (penny loafer though) However it probably wont be out for a year or so, so don’t hold your breath. What’s nice to see are classic companies doing this, as in reality all we need are some black shoes for work (unfortunately society has not yet changed) and that means that all of other shoes in our wardrobe can be a bit fun if we allow them to. No need to wear trainers on the weekend when a pair of lovelies like this are sitting in your closet!

Happy weekend to all


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  • jp

    I could not agree more with that statement and I can’t wait to see your version of these. I would love to see myself wearing them, this style just look spectacularly elegant and yet still having a sense of understatement.

  • Gui Bo

    Thank you very much Justin!
    MNM’s ( Men Need More style).

  • Fran

    What type of fabric is suitable for shoes? I suppose that these shoes will only be suitable for dry weather.

    • TheShoeSnob

      heavier cloths, like tweed and flannel…they could get wet as they are lined, but best to wear them for drier weather if possible