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March 6, 2015

Singapore Patina Sling – Septieme Largeur

Septieme Larguer SG5
I have been seeing the patina work coming from the Singapore branch of Septieme Largeur and I must say that it is all very intriguing. I particularly like their two toned full brogues patinas and think that they are quite fun. When you think about the endless possibilities that can be created with 2 colors it can be quite daunting and exciting at the same time. The green and blue one with purple accents is exquisite and I would love to see those shoes on the feet of someone, particularly myself! That being, if you are in SG, interested in patina and have yet to check out the shop, go and do so! And for those of you visiting and intending to go, remember to ask for directions as I was lost for about 10 minutes before being able to find my own way there.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Septieme Larguer SG6 Septieme Larguer SG2 SL Singapore Septieme Larguer SG4 Septieme Larguer SG3 Septieme Larguer SG1 Septieme Larguer SG

  • IK42

    Patina does not usually float my boat but once again I find myself agreeing with the taste master general: The Shoe Snob.

  • These are gorgeous!

    As a aside note, I just spend several hours online looking for some two tone boots (in my preferred price range: US$250-$400) and I was shocked at how few companies are making two tone boots of the subtle variety, ones that are not overpowering such as white on black.

    I wanted a brown, tan, cognac or similar with a green inset, but the only think I could find were some Grensons that were made back in 2011 but not available anymore, and even those were not exactly what I was looking for (I wanted the green to be just a inset access and not 1/2 the boot):

    I have no idea what other men want or if there is enough of a market, but I’d really like to see shoes of the quality that Grenson would have in their G-TWO line (and above, of course) get more creative in their offerings so that we don’t always have to wear the same solid color foot coverings if we want to wear nice but reasonably affordable shoes.

    P.S. If it were not for the over-the-top detailing in faux lizard, these would be some really attractive boots:

  • claude whalen

    Justin, how would someone polish these shoes: a neutral polish or would you try to match the green and black sections? Or do you just fold and let an expert polish these types of shoes for you?