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August 5, 2015

The Fusion of Smart Shoes x Trainer Style = Septieme Largeur

Septieme Largeur wholecut boot trainers
I am not going to lie, I have never really been a fan of white soles, not on smart shoes at least. That was until Septieme Largeur started doing them. And while I can’t say that I own a pair, I can admit that when I look at this I am attracted to it as for me it presents the ideal blend of a smart casual shoe. I find myself more and more wearing leather soled shoes on the weekends when I feel like I should be taking it easy and wearing trainers. Guess I am getting more snobbish as I get older! So something like this, allows me to have a nice cushy, casual and comforting sole, but then have a smart upper. And let’s not forget to mention the beauty of that one piece of leather on a 8 eyelet mid-boot. Very slick!


  • RogerP

    The white soles aren’t my thing, but that aside these are some very cool casual kicks.

  • I searched their website, but other than their home page I can’t find them (and hence no price.)

    Speaking of, many of the high end shoe manufacturers make it extremely difficult to find their shoes on their websites. It is as if they do not actually use the web themselves so have no clue how to present shoes to prospective customers. (not J.Fitzpatrick though, of course. 😉

    • TheShoeSnob

      they are there in the section of “Shoes to patina”

  • What Makes me tick

    They looks extremely “inspired” by Berluti’s Alessio model