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October 19, 2015

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Timberland x Harris Tweed

Timberland Britton Hill boot


I was walking on Regent st. today and noticed that the Timberland shop had some interesting shoes/boots inside. I am actually in the market for something a bit more heavy duty as I feel that it will be a harsh winter and while I love my Snoqualmie’s for a solid boot, I would rather use something that is actually fur lined and built to handle the snow (on a submerging level). So I went inside and checked out the stock. While I did not find anything that really tickled my fancy on a rugged boot level, I did see this new boot, called Britton Hill, that they are offering for the A/W2015 collection and I was intrigued.

It is a part of a collection of clothing that is in collaboration with Harris Tweed  and I must say that there were many lovely things inside, particularly their selection of parka’s and this gillet (vest) that was made from blue Harris tweed and was out of this world beautiful (and expensive!!). So I saw these and thought that they were nice, particularly as they were very light in weight and extremely flexible. It would be a great boot for the weekend but I am going to be honest, I would attempt to darken that white welt stitch as that is not so appealing.

Nice to see Timberland doing interesting things. I guess that I will have to venture into their shop more often.

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  • Ben

    Thanks for the tip Justin. I just went into the Regents Street shop for a closer look and was delighted to find they have 30% off most stock including these boots Walked out with a nice new pair of durable Harris tweed winter boots for £115. Result! Thanks
    P.s. sale is on today and tomorrow only

  • Christian

    I got the black/white model – while they look impressive, are comfy, and have a great sole for winter, they are by no means welted. The backs of my soles came lose after a few days of wearing and revealed that the soles are merely glued on. In all fairness, Timberland nowhere states these are Goodyear or anything, but the looks and the price are somewhat deceptive.