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May 9, 2017

The Shoe Snob Spring Cleaning – More Shoes for Sale

Lots of changes are happening in my life and one of them is moving back to the USA (this story will come in another, longer blog post). What that means ultimately is cutting down on my hoarding (clothes only) and selling the shoes that I almost never wear. So I have decided to part with many of my cherished pairs (having already sold around 30) and this is what is left of what is available for sale.

Each pair of shoes has been worn between 1-5 times and most come with toe taps and shoe trees, so you are getting a great deal here on the prices and value for money.

The Globe Trotter bag is virtually unused, mainly just moved from house to house (light scuffs that can be buffed out).

The shoes go quick so don’t hesitate to snag them up before they go. But if you need to ask questions, please email me at

Thanks as always for your support!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

(shop at link below or in the menu bar of the blog, ‘Shoes I am Selling’)

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  • Juan Manuel

    Back to USA? Tell us we’ll still be able to get your shoes here in Europe!
    Good luck anyway!

    • TheShoeSnob

      Nothing will change with my business. Going to go grow the US side of the business but Rest of World will maintaim the same format as is now

      • Juan Manuel

        Good to know! Thanks!

  • Lucky Pahal

    Hopefully you’ll be moving to California.