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Why Are A Pair Of Nice Shoes So Important?

Look, I know that not everyone is rich or may not care about fashion nor dressing up etc. but having a nice pair of shoes is a must in being a respectable man in this world. Luckily for most, times have changed because many years ago, you were nothing if you did not dress up properly and look and act like a well spoken, clean and respectable individual. These days you have people wearing tennis […]

Breaking In Shoes – Your First 30 Days

Double-Soled Alfred Sargent Boot – Long break in period…. When you think about buying shoes, most people probably think about getting the most comfortable thing that they can find, as when we are not sleeping, we are most likely on our feet. Now assuming that our feet were made for walking on earth (dirt, soil etc.), one would think that wearing stiff leather in comparison might not be the most sound idea, which is why […]

Comparing Shoe Brands – Apples & Oranges

…Let’s look at that below. For example, let’s take Brand A (who owns their factory) and Brand B (who gets their shoes from Brand A). Let’s say that Brand A’s production cost is £50, their wholesale price is £125 and their retail price is £325. That means, if they sell their shoes in their own store they sell them for £325 and make £275 of profit/pair(for this simplistic scenario, let’s assume VAT does not exist) . Not bad huh! Now, if they sell…

Suede Shoes – The Big Misconception

Why is it that so many men are afraid to buy suede shoes for fear of ruining them? Suede is just like any other leather. If you treat it well, it will last a long time, if you don’t maintain it, it will get ruined!! But it’s not guaranteed that if you live in a rainy place you are automatically going to ruin your suede shoes, as one might think. You would just as easily ruin a pair of regular leather shoes as you would a pair of sued…

A Guide To Shoe Trees

…asoning to shoe trees and an objective explanation for what you really need, when it comes to their use and your shoes. That being, lets get two questions out of the way: Do I really need shoe trees? – Well, if your ‘dress shoesshoes cost sub £100, then chances are you really do not have a practical need for shoe trees as there is a 95% chance that your shoes are not made from real leather. Sure, you could buy them to try and retain…

The Great Divide – Nice Suits & Junk Shoes

Picture: Gaziano & Girling ‘Hanly’ I have always been a very observant person, particularly when it came to one’s attire. Like many people have been so bold to claim (even myself), ‘you can tell about a person based on his outfit,’ and in my opinion, particularly when it comes to his shoes. This is precisely why many interviews end in a matter of seconds. Because your appearance, whether you know it or not, speaks wonders […]

Shoes — Part 2: Style & Terminology — Loafers/Slip On’s

Among the more casual forms of dress shoes within the shoe industry are the lovely non-laced loafer shoes (or slip-on’s). Although the origin of loafers most likely trace back to way before the internet might tell me, the popularity of them came about around the 1930′s, when Norwegian shoemakers were exporting these moccasin like shoes to the rest of Europe. Apparently American tourists took a liking to them and Esquire magazine did a feature on […]