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Grades Of Shoe Craftsmanship

Molto Monk1

…e. the waist), were not only finished by hand, but also lasted and stitched too. Therefore certain parts of the ‘making’ process were completely done by hand and not by machine. Bespoke Bespoke boots by Anthony Delos Bespoke shoes are shoes that are completely customized and made entirely (with the exception of the stitching of the upper leather) by hand. This invokes a long process, whereby the customer must get measured by the last maker, talk…

April 5, 2010

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5 Rules For Buying Men’s Dress Shoes

…r too round. It just doesn’t look good and I know I have said this before and believe me I will say it again because it just doesn’t seem to get through. Leave the corner kickers to the elves, the guillotine-toed shoes to the douche bags and the shoes that have a toe that looks like a perfect semi-circle to the old people with pancake feet. (Refer to ‘ Our Toe Choices-What A Shame ‘) –What To Do: Avoid anything…

Italigente: The Review


…lly take nor give to the shoes but is always a nice touch and is appreciating in knowing that the brand takes pride in the appearance. You can see that no expense was sacrificed to give a good look to the presentation of the shoes. Taking out the shoes you notice a very vibrant and nice leather. It looks of good quality and smells of it too. The finishing was impeccable and it’s impressive to see fudge wheel work of that caliber on a shoe…

Jack Erwin Shoes – My Take on Them


…ything else at $200 just looks like rubbish to me. Okay, so now for the pros and cons of the brand and let’s start with the pros. While I proclaim myself “The Shoe Snob” and am quite a brat when it comes to shoes, and therefore mainly write about ones that are +$500 that does not mean that I am an idiot that thinks that all shoes should cost that much. I know very well that not everyone can afford the C&J’s,…

Ascot Shoes – Online Shoe Store

…more and more people are wanting those unique things that no one else will have, or at least very few will. Therefore, mark my words that shoes that would have usually been thought of as an MTO type, will start to become more readily available. Thanks to Ascot Shoes, Skoaktiebolaget, Made to Order Paris and anyone else doing this for paving the way to the future of great shoes being made easily available! All pictures courtesy of Ascot Shoes

April 8, 2010

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The Allure Of Two-Toned Shoes

…nd therefore did not take pictures for examples, sorry. Anyway for those who might be interested, the shoes that I am wearing are by Church’s. It’s even nice when you see this idea incorporated into women’s shoes. While of course their shoes are naturally more colorful then men’s are you still tend to find many women wearing bold colored shoes but mostly in one color as opposed to two bold colors distinctly together….

March 4, 2010

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The Best Shoe Store In America

…; and “Goodyear Welt” lines at select Nordstrom stores around the country, DT Seattle being one of them. Silvano Sassetti is also a gem in the rough, being a small factory in the Marche region of Italy and making shoes for the likes of Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren’s Purple or Black Label, Dolce & Gabbana as well as several others. They make a beautiful shoe and can be found at a great price there at the DT Seattle…