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March 22, 2010

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Shoe Do’s & Shoe Don’ts Pt 2 – Casual Shoes

Alright back for another round of what to wear and what not to wear, I might be a little harsh on this one so prepare yourself and don’t get your feelings hurt, try to think about what I am saying and if you don’t agree so be it!!! To each his own, right? Right! Well I don’t know about everywhere else in the world, but I think that its a common thing in the States […]

March 18, 2010

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Bold Colored Pants – Giving Your Shoes More Options

What I love about men’s fashion in Italy is their (the men) ability to wear bold colored articles of clothing and make them look good and quite masculine, even when it is a bright color. Red and purple pants are normal much like khaki pants in America. Its just natural for them to be more colorful and to tell you the truth, it looks better than the same boring, monotone outfits you see day in […]

March 15, 2010

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The Return Of The Classics Part 3 – Wingtips

Whats great about wingtips, is their ability to be unique and be designed with almost an infinite array of possibilities. Their ability to be modernized has been prevalently shown in society with all of the different types of wingtips that you see these days, spreading it’s style into almost every form of shoe, whether it be dress, casual, sport etc. Unlike the other classics that I have talked about, wingtips have already made their comeback […]

March 12, 2010

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The Perfect Boot

The brown suede dress chukka boot is the most versatile boot in existence. The one pictured above, by Koji Suzuki, is the perfect example. It’s color can be worn in all seasons and be complimented by pretty much every other color although I would hesitate to pair it with black but am not saying that it could not be done for I have seen some Italians pair a lighter brown shoe with black trousers or […]

March 8, 2010

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Shoe Do’s & Shoe Don’ts Pt 1 – Dress Shoes

I see so many wannabe stylish men all the time and can’t stand when they are just wearing the worst shoes possible yet think that they are just so cool. Its even worse when their wannabe cool girlfriends lead them to believe that they are stylish and then you just get a terrible looking couple with no style what-so-ever YET they think that they are so stylish. You see this a lot in Seattle and […]

March 4, 2010

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The Best Shoe Store In America

Its rare these days that you find a store that sells strictly men’s shoes, especially one that revolves mostly around dressier shoes. This is the case, however, for Leffot in Manhattan, NY. (On the website it claims to also carry women’s shoes, as of 2009, yet I have never seen any on the website’s blog nor when I went in?) Having opened in May of 2008, Mr. Steven Taffel, the owner, wanted to create a […]

March 2, 2010

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The Return Of The Classics Part 2 – Saddle Shoes

When executed well the saddle shoe can be the most stylish shoe style in existence. The sad thing about it, is that you don’t hardly see them anymore and you don’t see them created to their full potential. If you do see them in America, you see them in the classic form, white with a black or navy saddle but you never see them in other color forms which is where their style can really […]