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April 15, 2010

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Flip Flops With Jeans – No Dice!!!

Seriously, men wearing with jeans has to be in the top 3 of sartorial blunders in existence!!! And even worse, it is the #1 reason why every other country (except England, who has the same problem) makes fun of the way we dress and to be honest, as proud as I am to be American, I agree with them! This look just makes no sense!! I know your argument would be that you want to be comfortable and expose air to your feet but please, who the hell cares!!! Nobody wants to constantly see your feet. If you wear shorts it is more understandable to wear but going around in your jeans, when it’s not even hot, wearing your is just UGLY!!!!! Whats even worse is the people that do this wear these baggy ass jeans that almost eat their while at the same time creating all this excess jean hanging out everywhere, getting all tore up at the bottom. Even with slim jeans they look ridiculous! Examples below:

Flip Flops With Jeans - No Dice!!!Flip Flops With Jeans - No Dice!!!

There are SOOOO many other options that you could try to keep your feet cool. For example, you could wear , driving mocs or shit, even sneakers without socks, just leave the flip flops for the beach or at least for when you are wearing shorts. There is nothing flattering about wearing them around town with your jeans, like I said before nobody wants to see or smell those barking dogs!! Pictures like this one below are precisely why their should be a rule against this because it’s always the people with the ugliest, dirtiest, and stinkiest feet who want to go around displaying them, where is the courtesy!!!!

Flip Flops With Jeans - No Dice!!!Why, why, why?? I just don’t get it, it’s not fashionable, it’s not elegant, it’s not even fucking hygienic so why do so many people do it. It can’t be because it’s comfortable, flip flops have no support what-so-ever! They are like walking on a flat piece of rubber or leather, that’s not comfortable. I think I need to set some guidelines for when it is acceptable to wear flip flops with jeans.

The Only Exceptions:

1. If you live somewhere like the Dominican Republic where it is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) every single day.
2. You are at the beach with your pants rolled up because you don’t have or want to wear shorts.
3. You are a woman with nice feet
4. You have some sort of burn or pain or problem (like diabetes) on your feet that is enhanced 100 times when wearing shoes
5. Or because you are some sort of walking Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement/model that gets fucking paid to dress like a douche.

So if you do not fit these criteria, you should not be wearing jeans with flip flops and instead should try these other looks:

Flip Flops With Jeans - No Dice!!!Flip Flops With Jeans - No Dice!!!

Two Above: Courtesy of The Sartorialist

Flip Flops With Jeans - No Dice!!!Flip Flops With Jeans - No Dice!!!

Left Shoe: Rachel Comey Espadrilles
Right Shoe: Bally Espadrilles

Flip Flops With Jeans - No Dice!!!
Shoes By Bally


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