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April 8, 2010

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The Allure Of Two-Toned Shoes

Have you ever walked down the street wearing a pair of two-toned shoes and happen to notice that 90% of the people that you walk by have checked out your shoes. Now depending on the rest of your outfit they could be thinking, “man, that guy/girl is wearing some ugly ass shit” or “wow, they have great style!” It’s an invigorating feeling not knowing whether people are judging you or praising you, but nonetheless they sure as hell are going to be noticing you when you are wearing two-toned shoes. There is a certain attraction about them that just compels the eyes to follow and when done well, like most things, will stand out and will increase the chances of people considering that you have style.The Allure Of Two-Toned ShoesThe Allure Of Two-Toned ShoesAs you see above, here is one style of shoe (by Stefano Bemer) that has several different color options to them and considering this is where I received the style from I threw in my blue shoe as well to show another color option. What’s great about styles like these is that they allow you to create the most intriguing outfits, ones that stand out from the masses and separate you from the rest of the herd. Plus they are just beautiful because of the fact that they are unique and that you don’t see them very often since many people are afraid to wear something so bold. At least you still find a decent amount of spectators being made by many different brands, especially the classic American and English companies. Below you will see another set of shoes (spectators) by Stefano Bemer.
The Allure Of Two-Toned ShoesWhat I particularly liked about this line was the fact that you saw color options that are extremely rare like the green on light brown combo or the black on red one. Time and time again you see the same black on white or light brown on white and while you can find some elegant shoes in those color pairings it’s nice to see the different color combo’s that can be created and even nicer to see someone wearing them and incorporating them into an outfit. Unfortunately when it comes to spectators I only have the classic black on white option but at least I have my blue shoes that help me stand out from the norm. But for the beginners out there who aren’t ready to jump into wearing the less common color options such as red and blue I will post some pictures below of some easy outfits to wear with the common spectator.
The Allure Of Two-Toned ShoesThe Allure Of Two-Toned Shoes

The picture on the left provides an idea of how to wear a pair of two-toned shoes in a more casual way while the picture on the right gives you a slightly dressier option. I just used very basic examples for you to give an idea of how easy it is to do. To get more complex with the outfit would be more subjective and therefore I will leave you to the imagining of one. To pair these with a suit is fairly simple and therefore did not take pictures for examples, sorry. Anyway for those who might be interested, the shoes that I am wearing are by Church’s.

The Allure Of Two-Toned ShoesIt’s even nice when you see this idea incorporated into women’s shoes. While of course their shoes are naturally more colorful then men’s are you still tend to find many women wearing bold colored shoes but mostly in one color as opposed to two bold colors distinctly together. Ladies and gentlemen may your next shoe purchase be a bold two-toned pair of shoes!


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