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June 24, 2010

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Burgundy Shoes – Where The Hell Are They??

Why is it so hard to find nice burgundy colored shoes? They used be everywhere. Now you have to scrounge to find them and 80% of the ones you find are some ugly-ass Bass Wejun styled loafer that your grandfather would have worn. For such an elegant color that is extremely versatile, you would think that it would be more readily available by many shoe brands. I guess with this new ‘brown being the new black’ surge, there hasn’t been much thought put into burgundy. Most shoe companies must be worrying about the 97 different colored browns that they are making their shoes in. Not to say that this brown emergence is not good, but I feel like it is now becoming a little bit redundant and the shift needs to take a change towards other colors.

Shoes (Top of page): Gaziano & Girling
Shoes Above (From top left, clockwise): Dimitri Bottier; Marc Guyot; Saion; Santoni

Out of all of the colors that suits come in (black, navy, gray, khaki & olive) the only suit color that I would hesitate to pair with burgundy would be black. Not saying that I would not ever put a burgundy colored shoe with a black suit (because I think that it could be nice with the right pieces) but it definitely would be my last resort considering how much more burgundy compliments a nice blue/navy or gray suit. It is not a ‘racy’ color or something that is unacceptable in the work place and the fact that it happens to go so well with all of these suit colors, it seems strange to me that you don’t see them very often in the stores. Who fault is this? The shoe companies or the buyers? Either way someone needs to take a risk and bring these beautiful shoes back into the stores so that average Joe’s like me and you, who may not be able to afford these beautiful $1000+ shoes that I always display, can actually find a nice pair!

Shoes Above (Top Left): Gaziano & Girling
All of the Rest: Corthay, pictures provided by Leffot

Let’s try to do something here!!! If you agree with me and love burgundy shoes yet have a hard time finding one’s that you like then the next time that you go to the place that you shop the most, tell the salesmen to tell their buyers to BUY MORE BURGUNDY!!! If enough of us do this, things will change. Let’s re-create the Hush Puppy effect!


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