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August 27, 2010

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Silvano Sassetti

A common misconception in this world is that most brands make their own shoes. WRONG! On the contrary, most brands have lesser known factories produce their shoes for them. Silvano Sassetti happens to be one of these factories, one of the finest in Italy who has been producing shoes for the likes of many large and famous labels around the world since the mid-nineties. Having learned to make shoes from a master craftsmen in his teenage years, Silvano, with much hard work and dedication, grew to become a respectable shoemaker himself in 1977 with the opening of his personal label and small workshop. Continuing with his passion and determination, 1996 marked the year that Silvano was able to turn his small workshop into a respectable size factory in the village of Monte San Pietrangeli located in the Marche region of Italy. Today, the factory still stands and the magic of making beautiful shoes, continues!

The Sassetti family has thus grown from the work of just Silvano to the addition of his two son’s, Emanuele and Andrea who now oversee the creation of new ideas in styling and design. Together the three of them create the entire collection which includes shoes made by all of the various types of constructions: Classic Goodyear Welt, Norwegian, Black Stitched, Blake Rapid, Tubular Moccasin, Bologna and Cement. On top of all of these constructions, Silvano Sassetti also managed to create and patent a construction of his own, The Goodyear Flex. This takes the classic Goodyear construction that is usually very stiff in the beginning and allows it to be flexible from the first wear, creating immediate comfort and wear-ability. Another added value of the company is the de-coloring and re-coloring of their shoes (as you will see in the picture above, right), thus allowing each shoe to have it’s own unique patina.

The Sassetti label makes shoes for the likes of: Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label, Zegna’s Zefer Label, Faconnable (France), Nordstrom (Silvano Sassetti Label) and Silvano Sassetti for Bergdorf Goodman. Their shoes are also found under the Sassetti label at various boutiques around Japan and used to make shoes for the likes of Tom Ford and Tod’s. You can see that their range was vast and will only continue to get bigger and their Sassetti label becomes more known around the world. Directly below I have added a few of the shoes that you can find currently as various Nordstrom locations around the US as well as some others that are from upcoming and past collections. Their shoes are very comfortable, stylish and well made and if you are an avid shoe lover, than I suggest you find yourself a pair. You won’t regret it!!

Here are some others that are from new and older collections:


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