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October 6, 2010

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My Shoes Part 2 – To Boot New York

My Shoes Part 2 - To Boot New York

My Shoes Part 2 - To Boot New York

Style: Caldwell

I started a post called ‘Critique The Shoe Snob’ a week or two ago and I saw that no one would critique me so instead of labeling it as such, I figured that now I would label it ‘My Shoes’ and just try to display every shoe that I own to show you what I wear, how I wear it and if you feel like applauding, critiquing, or anything else along those lines, so be it! However, I do encourage commenting, whether it good or bad. That being said, these are my recently acquired Caldwell shoes by To Boot New York. What I absolutely love about these shoes is the beautiful blue contrast stitch. To me, this is the epitome of the type product that I want to create; shoes that have a classic look with an added flair of modernity. Because shoes like this are timeless in their style yet unique in their detailing which allows them to stay relevant with the times and maintain themselves as a staple piece in the wardrobe. Now that Autumn is here, it’s also a great piece to add to my weekly rotation. The fact that it is black suede means that it won’t be so affected by the rain and goes well with the darker shades of clothing that people tend to wear during the colder seasons. Overall, it’s a great shoe with a lot of wear-ability and you can never go wrong with that!!

This also comes in brown suede with an orange stitching and you can find the two either at Zappos or Nordstrom.

My Shoes Part 2 - To Boot New York


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