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October 7, 2010

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Shoes Of The Day

An impressive gray shoe is not to be trifled with!! When done properly, it’s altitude on the scale of versatility is darn hard to beat. This pair, by Gaziano & Girling, called the Rothschild just might be the most magnificent one that I have seen yet! It’s patina is amazing, it’s color variation is perfect and the fact that it is a full-brogue just puts the cherry on top!! I tip my hat to Mr. […]

October 6, 2010

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My Shoes Part 2 – To Boot New York

Style: Caldwell I started a post called ‘Critique The Shoe Snob’ a week or two ago and I saw that no one would critique me so instead of labeling it as such, I figured that now I would label it ‘My Shoes’ and just try to display every shoe that I own to show you what I wear, how I wear it and if you feel like applauding, critiquing, or anything else along those lines, […]

October 5, 2010

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My 6th Pair – A Work In Progress

Sorry for my long absence without writing but over the weekend I was away in Kettering, England (near Northampton) working day and night on my 6th pair of shoes. As some of you may remember, I made my last pair (the red & white wingtips) while I was in Florence, Italy last March. There, my good friend and fellow shoemaker, Matteo gave me an upper — this beautiful beige monk strap — that was a […]