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October 7, 2010

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Shoes Of The Day

Shoes Of The Day

An impressive gray shoe is not to be trifled with!! When done properly, it’s altitude on the scale of versatility is darn hard to beat. This pair, by Gaziano & Girling, called the Rothschild just might be the most magnificent one that I have seen yet! It’s is amazing, it’s color variation is perfect and the fact that it is a full-brogue just puts the cherry on top!! I tip my hat to Mr. Gaziano & Mr. Girling for creating such a fine model. What’s great about this particular shade is that there is not one suit color that it cannot compliment!! Talk about versatility, that’s further than black or brown could ever go. Yet why don’t we see more gray? It’s not a loud color, therefore the business world need not be afraid of it. It’s quite conservative when it boils down to it so why don’t we see it on the shelves??? If you agree, then let’s do something about it!! Ask more for and if the salesmen tells you that they never buy it, then suggest that the buyer should look into it. The more people that do this, the more awareness will be created and the more likely we will see more gray shoe options! The power of one is greater than you think!

Shoes Of The Day

The tough thing about women’s shoes for me is knowing whether or not I will still like it on the woman as opposed to just being there legless in the picture. Again, you can see that I pick a shoe with a bow tie on it, I guess that I am truly just a sucker for them. What I also like about these Manolo Blahniks is the fact that they have a cap toe, giving them the air of a style influenced by men’s shoes. So in reality, I must like these because they remind me of a man’s shoe. I think that Freud would agree! But anyway, I find this shoe incredibly sexy, whatever the reason!! I feel jealous of women’s shoes though, simply for the fact that their design spectrum is almost limitless where as men’s shoes have only a few very basic styles (when it comes to dress) and the only thing that we can really play around with are the color and the materials.Yet there are so many variations in the women’s world. Lucky YOU!!!!!


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