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November 8, 2010

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Shoes Of The Week

Men’s Shoes:

As you can see, I am on this boot fixation at the moment. But when you see something good, you just have to show it. This boot by Carreducker, called “The Special,” is another great example of using little details to enhance your product. As some of you may know already, I am a super fan of mixing leathers and fabrics, such as tweed or like in this case, Prince of Wales check. And the fact that they paired laces that match one of the lines in the check, is just the type of small thing that enhances a shoe by 10 fold. For those that may not know, Carreducker is a duo of bespoke shoemakers located in London, England that offer courses twice a year in either London or New York. So if you are in the market to learn a little custom shoemaking, you may be interested in researching their site and contacting them to find out more about their offerings.

Women’s Shoes:

For all of the ladies out there with a love for men’s shoe design, now is your chance to find some great pairs offered in women’s lasts. This pair called ‘Byron’, by Edward Green, is one of what I believe to be many up-and-coming styles offered for lady customers at New York shoe boutique, Leffot. It’s great to see that someone is getting this option available to the masses. Obviously you can find women’s shoes out there that emulate men’s styles but there is nothing like having a shoe made for a lady by a company that is known famously for their men’s shoes. And what a great job they did. I love this boot and really appreciate the color of it. And I can’t lie, if they had my size and I had a bunch of money, I would get a pair myself!

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