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December 27, 2010

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French Patina Artists

Have you ever looked at your shoes and thought, ‘I am really bored of these’? Well, I have. And when these occurrences came about, I would do one of three things: 1. Leave them in the closet to collect dust; 2. Try and sell them; or 3. Give them away. The act of giving them away to somebody who truly needed them more than I did was nice and made me feel good but selling them and letting them rot away in my closet really did not give me any satisfaction and more importantly, was a waste of my initial investment. It never occurred to me (mainly because I never knew) that I could re-dye them to a completely new color, thus making them appear to be a new shoe and possibly something more tailored to the style of clothes I was wearing at the time.

Shoes At Top & Above Done By:

Part of the reason that I never realized about the act of re-dying them was due to the fact that this concept is not something made readily available to those living in the USA nor is it something that many people know how to successfully do there (the States) either. Yet after creating my blog and involving myself in countless hours of shoe-porn research, I have come to discover that this is an art as well as quite a thriving industry in the country of France. In my minimal research of this sector, I have only found two companies (whom you will see on this post) that will take your shoes and create a patina of any color that you would like but I am quite sure that there are many more in France who would also do the same.

Shoes Above Done By: Glacage Chaussures

It is quite an exciting discovery for me, considering that I easily get bored of what I have and find it rare that shoes are made in the colors that I would like to own. So unless I make the shoes myself in some crazy color, this is really my only other option to customizing the color of my shoes. The only downfall is that I need to either go to France or possibly pay a pretty penny in shipping costs. And while some of you in the States or anywhere outside of Europe may be reading this and thinking ‘thanks for getting my hopes up but will they really deal with customers outside of Europe,’ I am pretty sure that at least the company at top (& below) will ship around the world and I am convinced that the one right above will as well considering that, on their website, they claim to speak 4 languages. The contact info on both sites is relatively easy to find but if for some reason you just can’t manage, shoot me an email and I can send it to you.

Shoes Above Done By:


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