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December 26, 2010

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Today’s Favorites – Band of Outsiders

While most brands are making boat shoes that all look the same, the collaboration between Sperry and Band of Outsiders finally gave the world some other options to choose from, and better one’s for that matter. While you usually find your average boat shoes in leather uppers, what’s cool about these Band of Outsiders remixes is that they are all made with something other than your traditional leather ranging from wool, nylon, suede to even corduroy. And while I have not really displayed it here, they also produced shoes in an array of colors that are different than the norm, as you can see by the top shoe in that dark teal type of color. Since writing this blog I have really began to notice the amount of cool shoes that are created through collaborations and I am curious to see how far this goes in the future, whether or not collaborating will become ‘the thing’ that every shoe company does.


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