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December 21, 2010

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Today’s Favorites – Bontoni

I have never had the actual pleasure of owning a Bontoni shoe, but I have also never heard bad things about them and of all of the times that I have seen or held one in person, they always looked beautiful and felt well constructed. In America, they are quite popular with the higher-end boutiques that carry the $3000-$5000 suits and considering that Bontoni’s themselves are never retailing below $900, I guess that it makes sense that you would find them there. What is strange though, is that I have never seen them in Europe, particularly in Italy. Apparently because of all of the other options that you find in Europe, it’s hard to be a top contender. But because of their beauty and the fact that they feel like a great shoe (construction and comfort wise), I have always been curious about owning a pair, but never curious enough to make that kind of investment. As I become more affluent though, I just might have to take a dive, especially since they are so intriguing!


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