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January 21, 2011

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Shoe Of The Week

Shoe Of The Week

Of all of the ways that one could make a wingtip shoe, I truly appreciate this version. It has the feel of a brogue, yet does not have the actual brogueing, which for me, means that the designer actually put some thought into it instead of just saying, ‘let’s make another full-brogue.’ And while it’s not that far off, it’s enough to appreciate the simplistic final outcome. Yet almost more importantly than being creative with the design, this shoe by Lodger, has a shape to die for! And even more importantly than both of those, is the fact that it is currently on sale!!! So if you happen to love this shoe as I do and might be in the West End neighborhood of London anytime in the near future, pop into to check it out and the other wonderful shoes that they currently offer on sale.


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