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January 28, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week

What’s funny is that I used to hate red when I was younger, but now I cannot get enough of it! Living in England, I just discovered that most men will wear conservative outfits (when dressing in suits) but will have a bit of flair in their socks, whether it’s bold purple, royal blue or the crowd favorite, bright red. And while I don’t ever follow any trends, I had to jump on the band-wagon on this one, and so I purchased a pair of bright red socks and absolutely love them.

Red is just a great color. While it can be bright, it is still subdued in a way especially when comparing it to other abnormal shoe colors, like yellow or teal. This bespoke pair by Koronya, is a beautiful example of the perfect red shoe: clean, simple and full of color without any distractions. If you are going bold, might as well go all of the way!

As you can see by the pictures, Marcell, the shoemaker of Koronya, added what’s called a German welt which essentially is a welt with hidden stitching. I had never seen this before, but I find it quite appealing. It helps to focus your attention on the shoe and not be distracted by the sole. It is his latest creation and he plans to release it in NYC with his limited ‘Color Collection’ in the near future.

To see how he constructed the shoe, visit Marcell’s blog, called Handmade Shoes.

Enjoy the pics and the weekend! Stay tuned for more, as usual!!!


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