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January 7, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Donald Pliner

I can’t really say that I am particularly fond of the shape of the oxford and the way that it’s toe box seems to severely slant upwards, but the idea behind these shoes is absolutely amazing! Red detailing on a blue shoe just might be one of my favorite color combinations, if done properly. The oxford reminds me of a bespoke shoe that my colleagues were making while I was training in Italy. It was similar in the idea of having navy paired with hidden red detailing but did not have the red sole and, of course, since it was bespoke, it was 9 million times better looking. And can you guess who it was for?? A daring Japanese customer! (You have to admire their lack of fear in wearing bold shoes) Anyway, one thing I love about Donald Pliner is that he sure is not afraid to go outside of the box and while some of his stuff can be a little too far outside, he also has his moments where he creates just the things I have always wanted to see sitting on a shelf of a shoe department!

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