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January 2, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Grenson Spring/Summer 2011

It really doesn’t get much more exciting than this!! For the Spring/Summer 2011 lineup, Grenson is offering all of the things that I wish every company would offer: colored laces, contrasted colored soles, teal/blue colored shoes, some form of saddle shoe, spectators etc. I love the fact that someone (besides me) has made a teal colored shoe that can be sold to the world. I really hope that many distributing stores buy those shoes so that I can catch someone in the act of wearing them. How awesome would that be!! Grenson had a big year in 2010 and I feel that with the direction that it would appear that they are going, 2011 is going to be even bigger! And I am happy about that. It is refreshing to see a major company releasing shoes in non-traditional styles, using lots and lots of COLOR!!!

Photos Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff


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