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January 12, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – More Saddle Shoes

If you are crazy about saddle shoes, as I am, then now is your chance to head to Leffot in NYC to get a pair of these made-to-order models by Edward Green. What I love about Edward Green, is the fact that they are this historic British shoe company that you would think would stick to making conservative shoes (like many of the historic British makers) yet on the contrary, they are always using colors outside of the black/brown spectrum and quite frequently adding multiple colors/materials to their shoes. Now that I am living in England and earning in the British Pound, EG’s are a little bit less costly (since I don’t have to pay import costs like in the US) and I am determined to get a pair once I can save up!! As soon as I get one, I will post it with out a doubt!!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Leffot


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