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March 8, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Band of Outsiders’ Saddle Shoes

Here is yet another bombardment of saddle shoes, but hey, I love them, so you have to grow to love them too! Band of Outsiders’ modern version of a saddle shoe is among the coolest that I have ever seen. The top pair is mind-blowing amazing, with the little details that it provides: patina/distressed leather, natural sole and welt stitching, storm welt, white laces, darkened brogueing and last but not least, a great color! It does not get much better than that pair and even the others are terribly cool. I truly love seeing all of the ways a saddle shoe can be done. While it’s design limits it from being too terribly unique from one another, it’s always a pleasure to see a company’s unique twist of their version. As the saddle is my favorite design of all time, you can bet that when I start my line there will be no shortage of saddle models, season after season, as I already have plenty of designs in store!


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