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April 1, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week

Shoes Of The Week
Shoes Of The Week

I recently just got my first pair of lace (balmoral, galosh) dress boots — which I have yet to show all of you — and I absolutely love them! And loving them has made me somewhat mad for the idea of getting a pair for each of the different colors in the shoe spectrum, yet something that will be difficult achieving, as boots of this nature are always in the upper echelons of the cost scale.

This brings me to the two above that I find stunning to say the least. They are by Septieme Largeur. The cleanliness of this particular model is precisely what appeals most to me. Something about that blank canvas of stitch free leather, coupled with the upper suede part just resonates in my brain as the definition of handsome and elegant. And to think that this used to be the shoe dominated by society in the early 1900’s, during Edwardian and Victorian times. It makes me think, ‘if it could be the go-to shoe then, it can become the go-to shoe now,’ and while I know that it won’t happen, it still gives me hope!

Pictures provided by: Septieme Largeur Blog

P.S. Sorry I have been late on replying to comments in these last days, I have been swamped but will answer all of them this weekend. Thanks to everyone who gave nice things to say about my 6th shoe. I appreciate the feedback!


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