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April 20, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Lodger

A cap toe with a high-shined cap is always a pleasant thing to see, but when you then add the color green into the mix, it becomes even cooler!! I was just in at Lodger’s today and saw some of the new samples that they want to put into production and I was quite impressed. This model here is looking to come in a gray as well as a burgundy, two beautiful options on the color scale. Another exciting model was a wing-cap laced derby boot, that was black but had contrast white stitching. Come to think of it, I just now realized that I had my camera on me and failed to take a picture. What a slacker I am!! Well, I apologize for my absentmindedness but you will have to take my word in regards to the amazingness (I know that this is not a word, but who cares) of the boot. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t make it into production, so you will have to be on the look out for it!†
Back to the shoe at hand. You don’t see to many these days but it is always nice when you do. This model here is a great example of having a shoe that can be a different color but not be ostentatious or overly colorful. I really don’t see why any businessman could not wear this with a navy suit? It certainly would not scream out, ‘look, I am super flashy,’ but would on the other hand, in my opinion, say that the gentlemen was a sharp dresser. But hey, baby steps right?? Let’s start to see those navy on the feet of lots of men before we can start asking for green to be a normal colored shoe…..


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