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April 3, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Saion

When it comes to stealing my heart (and design ideas in my head), Saion does a great job at it!! The shoes in the second and third pictures from the top, are precisely the type of shoes that I would think to create. They define my motto of ‘classic with a modern twist’ and completely exemplify what is lacking on the shelves of shoe stores across the western world. Obviously, they are not lacking in Japan, because it seems as if they are the few who actually appreciate this type of stylization. That being said, I absolute dread the day that I go to Tokyo, for fear of wanting to buy every single thing that I see and not being able to afford most of it!

Another detail to point out is the amazing toe medallion on the red pair of shoes. It is quite large in comparison to many, but provides a nice, bold detail that helps to separate that semi-brogue from any other. Also added was a set of complimentary and subtle laces that provide a touch of something different in respect to your average black or brown laces. The little things, for me, just set these type of shoe companies so far above the rest, it is not even funny. If only more makers took the time to provide these little things……


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