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May 20, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – George Cleverley

These just might be one of the prettiest brogues that I have ever seen. They simply look immaculate and have a very clean-looking feel about them and that is always what drives me towards a shoe. The gimping (shark teeth like design around hole perforations) is very small and does not detract from the design as some brogues do when their gimping is large and overbearing on the eye. And the color — it’s quite unique. They call it beige antique, but to me it brings the memory of those candy square caramel’s that I used to love when I was a kid. Whatever it is, it is lovely…. I was also quite shocked when I learned of the price being as low as $850 (you might be thinking that I am crazy calling that low), especially since most British makers of that caliber, retail in the States for no less than $1000. So, to all of the British shoe lovers out there, now is your chance to pick up some handgrade’s for under the 1k mark! To all others (including myself), let us admire as it is most likely WAY out of the average man’s budget!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Leather Soul


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