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May 11, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Church’s Women’s Collection

I walk by the Church’s store, in Burlington Arcade, every morning and afternoon and am constantly impressed by their women’s collection and always baffled by the men’s collections. It’s like they literally took all of the designer talent and put them onto the women’s side of the company. On a constant basis there are always these uniquely fresh new styles on the women’s side of the store, but on the men’s side, it’s the same ‘ol boring, black and dark brown cap toes and penny loafers. I can understand that the classic black Church’s shoe is a staple piece in the London working man’s wardrobe, but a little bit of new designs and colorways would not detract from their image, at least in my mind, it would boost it! Because of that, and the fact that their women’s shoes could pass as men’s, I figured that I would share some of it with you. It’s a shame that I could not find their newest model because it has been the best yet. It reminds me of a Paul Smith shoe really, in that it’s classic (a cap toe) but also has it’s modern twist by adding perforations throughout the entire upper, so that it does not look like your average, boring cap toe. It’s quite nice really. That being, if your wife or girlfriend is looking for some new shoes (that look like men’s), then I would steer her in the direction of Church’s Spring/Summer 2011 line!


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