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May 16, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – J.M. Weston

Today's Favorites - J.M. Weston

I know that I usually will do a full post on Mondays, but today I moved the majority of my stuff from Brighton to London and am simply too tired to write a 2-3 hour post. I promise, though, that tomorrow I will be back on track with a full post on driving loafers, so be on the look out!!

That aside, I wanted to share with all of you this beautiful spat boot by J.M. Weston. It’s not everyday, or any day really, that you see one of these in a store’s window, or in the store period for that matter. I mean, obviously, they are not really practical in today’s work environment and most people don’t have the gumption to walk down the street in a pair of these, so I can’t really blame most makers for not actually producing some for their collection. That’s why it’s nice to see that , albeit did not commission a line of them, will at least make one on a MTO basis, as they did for the owner of the boots in this top picture.

It’s a shame really, that we do not see more on a normal day-to-day basis, as they used to back in the Edwardian/Victorian era. I do think that they are slightly coming back, but I am still awaiting the day that every shoemaker has a pair in every single fall/winter season that they produce. They can be just as elegant as a regular oxford yet can be even more versatile, as they might go better with your average pair of jeans or more casual outfit where as some oxfords are simply just too dressy. For that reason, I am awaiting the day of their return, and will promise to at least try and make them more popular with my line. But in all honesty, it will only help if there is demand, so if you, the readers, want to see more of these, be vocal about it and it will happen!!

Today's Favorites - J.M. Weston


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